Sunday, September 11, 2011

Eight-Bit Excitement

Growing up, my brothers and I were lucky enough to have a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). We would play that thing for hours, we knew all the tricks to getting those temperamental cartridges to work (blowing in the bottom and wiggling the hell out of them...). One of our favorite games to play together was "Excitebike". The game was so simple yet so addictive, the possibility of over-heating was a little annoying but without it the game would have been way to easy. I love how when you crash, you're magically swept off the track and have to run back to your bike. So for the letter E, I made my own version of Excitebike out of paper. Given that this is paper, I need to be extra careful not to let it overheat... I don't want to start a fire.

My wife gave me the idea to make the plants and fans in the audience fold and pop-up
like the game pieces in "Guess Who?"

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